Profiles in Leadership: Kurtis Werner

Are you a Werner? (Photo by Gwyneth Henke)

Are you a Werner? (Photo by Gwyneth Henke)

Noah Brown, Managing Editor

Kurtis Werner, CHS social studies teacher, was all set to start his teaching career at Oakville School District, when he was informed a spot at Clayton became available. “I was in the right place at the right time,” Werner said. He took the job, and after one year of student teaching, joined the faculty.

Werner, currently in his eighth year at CHS, is consistently making an impact around the building.

Aside from his teaching role, Werner is the sponsor of STUGO, Politics Club and is the Cross Country coach. “I wear many different hats,” he said.“I think it’s good that students can see me in other capacities. It helps because I can be even more open than am I in the classroom.”

By involving himself in the school community, Werner is able to build enduring relationships with students. “Sometimes, I’ll have 20 faces in the freshman class, and 16 of them will be in my History of St. Louis class a few years later,” Werner said. “It just shows that they trust I’ll lead them the right way.”

Werner teaches several periods of World History 1 and also teaches a History of St. Louis elective class. “What I love most about the job is not knowing what each day is going to bring,” Werner said.

At the beginning of each class, Werner outlines specific “learning goals” he has for that period. Additionally, he goes about teaching in a fun and energetic way. “I want to see students happy,” Werner said.