Profiles in Leadership: Stacy Felps


Stacy Felps is the instructional coordinator for Clayton High School. Here, she sits in her office (Photo by Gwyneth Henke).

Marina Henke, News Section Editor

Stacy Felps was a math teacher at CHS for 30 years.  In 2014 ,she moved into the administrative position of instructional coordinator, giving her the opportunity to mentor teachers and suggest classroom improvements.

How did you establish yourself as a leader in the classroom?

I want you to know that I love what I’m doing, that I’m excited about what I’m doing and that I love my subject area. But I also want you to love it too. I want you to be inspired and excited by the things that you learn and the connections that are there. I want you to feel it. For me a lot of it is probably sharing that love and hoping that it shines through and just makes you want to come along too.

What is your vision as instructional coordinator?

We have goals we have to set: building goals, district goals and personal goals. Frequently all of those pieces, the professional development, the evaluation and the goal setting aren’t connected to each other. If they can be more connected it can feel like less. My contribution is to help have that overarching view of the pieces. I hope that we can come together to make a more sense-making map instead of something where there are lots of people doing lots of things, with people working really hard, but not necessarily working in a common direction.


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