Profiles in Leadership: Caroll Lehnhoff-Bell


Carroll Lehnhoff-Bell sits in her office at Clayton High School. Lehnhoff-Bell is the Director of Learning Support at CHS (Photo by Gwyneth Henke).

Marina Henke, News Section Editor

Carroll Lehnhoff-Bell worked as a reading specialist and instructional coach at CHS for two years. Last year she assumed the role of director of learning support.

What is the importance of building cross-curricular relationships? On the administration team, I serve as a voice for students. If I’m going to be that voice, I need to know what that looks like in lots of different spaces and roles… At Clayton teachers are the crème de la crème.  They are content experts. What I can bring to the table is my expertise in supporting the struggling students.

What is your vision for the learning center? I want to be seen as a support to students and teachers so that students can be their best selves. That is really vague, but I mean for it to be that way, so however it needs to look for whatever student, I can mold it into that. The bottom line is, what can I do to make every student in this building successful? Whatever you think I need to do, I’m willing to do it. I’m a resource for all of those people so that we can see that happen.

What is your vision for your students? My quote for kids that I always keep in the back of my head is, “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my own ship.” For the kids that I work with, learning in school is sometimes really hard. I think as successful adults, we might have never experienced that. I try to remind our teachers that it is really stormy waters for our kids, so how do we help them steer that ship and not take over, because when they do learn to sail their ship, they will be out of luck.


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