Mitch Elliott Leadership Profile

Mitch Elliott Leadership Profile

Peter Baugh

Mitch Elliott is the captain of the basketball team and a class officer for the senior class. He is looked at as a student leader in the CHS community.

With your activities, what do you do to try to keep a positive atmosphere? I just try to, even if it is a mundane or boring task, you always have to seem like you’re really into it and I think other people kind of follow your lead … specifically in basketball there have been times where we’ve come to practice knowing that, “this is going to be a hard practice, we are going to run a lot,” and I think if you just go out there with a positive attitude people will follow your example and they’ll work hard and hopefully be happy.

So leadership top to bottom makes other people step up? It’s definitely a trickle down effect, that’s for sure.

Who are some leaders you have looked up to? Coach Nelke, Coach Luhning and Coach Lofton, all have been great leaders … this is going to sound cheesy but even my dad, he’s been a great inspiration. He’s always been a very good leader so I try to follow what he does. And then, of course, Charlie Harned who, my freshman year was an amazing leader, and then my sophomore year, Tyler Walker. Although he was mainly just crazy athletic, I truly believe he was the glue that kept that team together.

As a class officer, what do you have to do to be a strong presence? The main thing is definitely organization. And Reeves [Oyster], who is the president, definitely helps with that … just making sure that everyone knows what’s happening when and where.

What’s the biggest message of leadership that you would like to pass on to the people after you?

Just, even as freshmen, sophomores, don’t be afraid to step up and voice your opinion, because even freshmen and sophomores can be leaders.