Clayton at Work: Lily Brown


Courtesy of Lily Brown

Brown twirling her whistle while watching the pool.

Camille Respess, Editor-in-Chief

Lifeguard at Shaw Park Pool

Q: What is your hourly wage?

A: Too little. I get paid $8.00 an hour.

Q: What is the biggest mistake you’ve made on the job?

A: Talking instead of watching the pool. You can’t help it when you see your homies.

Q: How do you pass the time?

A: Being a lifeguard is the ultimate challenge of passing time. I sing, twirl my whistle, talk, try not to think about the time, divide how much time I have left into small fractions, wave to the little babies in the pool, and maybe sometimes actually watch the people in the pool.

Q: What have you learned by being a lifeguard?

A: I’ve learned how to be a dependable person. Being a lifeguard requires having parents trust you with their kids swimming which is a big responsibility. At times it can be a stressful but very rewarding job. I’ve learned how to clean a very large bathroom in less than 10 minutes. I’ve also learned how to work with other people and have more patience.