Clayton at Work: Grace Monshausen


Katherine Sleckman

Monshausen working at the hostess’ stand in Half & Half.

Camille Respess, Editor-in-Chief

Hostess at Half & Half

Q: What is your hourly wage?

A: $8.00 an hour plus tips, but I get tax taken off which stinks.

Q: What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you on the job?

A: A woman with a party of 10 that came in got really mad at me one time. She stood behind the hostess’ stand and yelled in my ear for a really long time. She told me that I am really bad at my job and that I should have sat her somewhere else. She also said that I should figure out how to be better. After my co-workers got involved, she apologized and said that she works at a restaurant too.

Q: How do you pass the time?

A: There’s a receipt feeder at the hostess’ stand. So I always push the button to get blank paper and draw my co-worker’s pictures. Sometimes if cute kids are in [the restaurant], I go and talk to them. I also eat a lot.

Q: What have you learned?

A: People are mean when they’re hungry.