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Amanda’s Story

December 3, 2015

In 8th grade when I was being bullied I went to like five therapists and for some reason therapy never worked for me. I never wanted to see a therapist. Every time I tried it was not comfortable for me. I did see a psychiatrist and for some reason it just works out better for me. I can talk to my psychiatrist, I am more comfortable with that. They are the ones who prescribed my medicine.

In 7th grade I was diagnosed and medicated for ADD and in 8th grade I was diagnosed and medicated for anxiety and I’ve been on that ever since.

For my ADD a teacher in 7th grade was concerned about me and suggested to my mom that she have me tested for ADHD and she did and I ended up having ADD. For anxiety, I was being bullied in 8th grade and we actually thought it was depression, I ended up going to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with anxiety and medicated me.

My sister has depression and is medicated for it. My dad was never medicated or diagnosed with a learning disability, but he does have one and that is where I get it from. I know that a lot of my close friends deal with depression, anxiety or some kind of learning disability.

Usually when I have a panic attack it is because I procrastinate so much that I have so much to do and I have no time. I get really worried and I shake and I can’t stop shaking. Typically either my legs or my hands will shake. I will try to stop in one area and it will go to another area and my face twitches, it’s hard to breath, very much hyperventilating and it is hard to talk and you just cry. I can’t move. You’re just stiff and you’re just shaking.

It is embarrassing. All my panic attacks happen when I am at school and I had to leave class and go to the nurse or the counseling office. It is in going from the class to those places is not fun, it is embarrassing and not wanting to talk about it and explain why you have mental illness, it is embarrassing.

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