The Early Bird Gets the Worm


Daniel Cho, Sports Section Editor

During this time of the year, many seniors are struggling as they scramble to put together their college applications to a college where they are committing the next four years of their life to. On the other hand, others are relaxed after finishing their college applications thanks to a system called early admissions.

There are two types of early admissions applications: early decision and early action. The stark difference between the two is that early decision is a binding application. If accepted, the applicant has to go that university unless enough financial aid is not given. On the other hand, early action still allows an applicant to weigh their options and possibly look into other schools before reaching a final decision.

For many, having to take the time during the summer and the beginning of their senior year may not be appealing just to apply to college early. However, this eagerness has many benefits. To keep it simple, by applying early, it enhances your chances of being accepted as much fewer students apply early. Many analysts have studied the acceptance rates of universities and have found overwhelming evidence to suggest that schools accept a higher percentage of students from their early application pool than their regular application pool.

Furthermore, colleges want students that are interested. And the best way to display this interest is through early applications. When you take the time to put in more effort in order to apply early, it shows the certain college that you care for the school that you apply to. Especially in the highly competitive environment today, showing that you care is a huge factor for admissions offices across the nation.

Finally, applying early helps you make decisions sooner. There are three situations that can occur from an early admissions application — being accepted, rejected, or deferred. No matter what happens after your application, applying early helps a student plan their senior year better. If accepted, they can finally conclude their stressful journey of the college search. If rejected, you can work on and finalize your regular decision applications. And if deferred, you can begin thinking of ways to appeal to your college of choice during the regular round.

Although the early application season is near its end, it is still important for the many applicants to come. Before applying through the early admissions process, weigh your chances. If you’re test scores and applications are where you want it to be, then an early application is the way to go. Do not feel pressured that applying through early action or early decision is the only way to get into the college of your dreams. A well thought out application is much more important than applying early.