Mays Place (2/5)

Grace Snelling

May’s Place (2/5)

We were rather disappointed by what we were greeted with at May’s Place. The store, as it happens, is less of a thrift store and more of what one would picture when conjuring the image of an antique sourcing spot. The clothing and items are all genuinely vintage, and therefore more valuable. However, even some of the rarer items were priced far too high. For example, a Rolling Stones 1989 tour tee shirt, while relatively rare, cost 50 dollars, and a plain black shirt that had been purposefully distressed and bleach-stained was only five dollars cheaper than that. However, there were some interesting and fairly cheap lapel pins, as well as a shelf of vinyl records with some good finds in the mix. The store, with its retro 1970s aesthetic, is certainly interesting, but it might not be worth a stop unless you’re willing to shell out a lot of cash for slightly higher quality items.

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