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Spring Sports Preview

April 3, 2018

Boys’ Golf

Players to Watch:

Daniel Cho

David Cramer

Michael Bernard

2016-2017 Record:



To be competitive at conference and advance past the district tournament as a team.

Michael Melinger
Photo of Boys’ Golf players.


Water Polo

Players to Watch:


Charlie Brennan

Jaime Befeler

Christine Kuehn

2016-2017 Record:



To stay competitive despite having lost a very strong senior class.

Michael Melinger
Photo of Varsity Water Polo team.


Girls’ Soccer

Players to Watch:

Katherine Owings

Eliza Copilevitz

Kate Cooper

2016-2017 Record:



To play better as a team and get more wins than last year. We also want a lot of people to show up to our games.

Michael Melinger
Photo of Varsity Girls’ Soccer team.


Boys’ Baseball

Players to Watch:

Blake Bax

Jimmie Adams

Marcus Deutsch

2016-2017 Record:



To improve everyday. Every practice is the biggest practice of the year so that we can find or exceed our potential. Every game is the biggest game of the year so that every game feels right-sized.

Michael Melinger
Photo of Varsity Boys’ Baseball team.


Boys’ Track and Field

Players to Watch:

George Gelzer

Brooklyn Day-Smith

Reese Barnett

2016-2017 Record:



To improve upon our first round loss in Districts last year to MICDS and our 3rd place finish in conference.

Michael Melinger
Photo of Boys’ Track and Field team.


Girls’ Track and Field

Players to Watch:

Teaia Jackson

Katie Howard

Taylor Dent

2016-2017 Record:



To adjust to the combination of the boys’ and girls’ team and to qualify more people to State.

Michael Melinger
Photo of Girls’ Track and Field team.


Boys’ Lacrosse

Players to Watch:

Hutton Murdoch

Trystan Goette

Brian Schmidt

2016-2017 Record:



To develop a good foundation to build on next year and to have a winning record.


Girls’ Lacrosse

Players to Watch:

Caroline Marsden

Annika Sandquist

Grace Muhm

2016-2017 Record:



To win more games than last year.


Boys’ Tennis

Players to Watch:

Angelo Vidal

Noah Brown

Thomas Lawrence

2016-2017 Record:



To capitalize on the returning talent and the young incoming talent to make an individual and team run to State.

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