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Thai Table

Danny reviews Thai Table, a new restaurant in Maplewood

February 15, 2019


Danny Choo-Kang

Thai Table’s chicken pad thai had a notable aroma and chewy noodles.

Thai Table, a restaurant that opened in Maplewood three months ago, boasts being “no ordinary Thai restaurant,” so I was excited to give it a try.  

The restaurant is well-lit and has tall ceilings that open up the space. The walls are decorated with large photos of food.

I tried chicken pad thai, tofu pad see ew, beef massaman curry, wonton and BBQ pork soup, chicken wings and Thai tea cake.

The food arrived quickly and the portions were decently sized.  

The pad thai was notably aromatic. The noodles had a chewy texture, but the dish was overly salty.  

The noodles in the pad see ew had good texture and flavor, but like the pad thai, I found the pad see ew to be too salty. The tofu was crispy on the outside and soft and silky on the inside but unfortunately tasted oily.

Both noodle dishes were $9.95 per serving, but choosing beef or shrimp as the meat cost extra.

The massaman curry was $13.95.  The curry did not have a strong flavor, but the flavor it did have was good. The potatoes in the curry were disappointing– they were undercooked and tasted watery. The curry came with a small portion of rice and more rice costed extra.  

The wonton and BBQ pork soup, which was $10.95, had a nice flavor but was light to the point of being nearly bland. The pork had both good texture and flavor.  However, I was upset to find that the soup only came with two wontons.

The chicken wings were $8.95 and came with five pieces. The meat was juicy and the skin was crispy and coated with spices. I would advise you to only try the wings if you can handle spicy food. They were also sour with a strong citrus flavor.  

The thai tea cake was $5.95 for one slice. The cake was crumbly but moist. With whipped cream and the tea flavor, the cake was light.

Overall, there are some dishes that I would not want to have again, but I would be willing to give some other dishes at Thai Table a shot.

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