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February 12, 2019

Over the past six months, numerous Globe reporters have been writing obituaries for American children shot and killed since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14, 2018. Along with over 200 other students across the nation, they worked on the #SinceParkland project by The Trace and The Miami Herald to let these stories be heard. We are proud of the commitment to this issue shown by reporters from Clayton and all over the United States. The #SinceParkland project states they hoped to gain “an unprecedented account of the full scale and contours of gun violence as it impacts American children,” adding to the debate around gun policy covered by the Globe since the April 2018 student walk-out against gun violence. Special thanks to former Globe editor-in-chief Camille Respess for getting Clayton involved with this project!

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About the Writers
Photo of Lila Taylor
Lila Taylor, Senior Managing Editor

Lila is a junior and this is her third year as a member the Globe staff. She is a senior managing editor and is very excited for the year ahead. She was a feature section editor...

Photo of Sara Stemmler
Sara Stemmler, Feature Section Editor

Sara Stemmler is a eleventh grader participating in her third year on the Globe staff and is the Feature Section Editor. Sara is currently a member of the CHS Tennis Team and Track...

Photo of Anna Sturmoski
Anna Sturmoski, Copy Editor

Anna Sturmoski is a junior at Clayton High School, and this is her second year working for the Globe.  After her first year as a reporter on the staff, she will be taking on the...

Photo of Moriah Lotsoff
Moriah Lotsoff, Reporter

Moriah Lotsoff is a freshman and it is her first year on the Globe. Moriah joined Globe because she loves to write and wanted to know more about what is going on in the world and...

Photo of Siddhi Narayan
Siddhi Narayan, Reporter

Siddhi Narayan is a sophomore and this is her first year of Globe. She joined Globe because she loves writing, and is super excited to be part of it. She hopes to hone her writing...

Photo of Disha Chatterjee
Disha Chatterjee, Reporter

Disha is a sophomore and this is her first year on Globe. Disha joined Globe because she loves writing and wanted to get involved in a new experience. She is looking forward to...

Photo of Noor Jerath
Noor Jerath, Page Editor

Noor Jerath is a sophomore and this is her second year as part of the Globe. This year Noor is a page editor. She joined because her English teacher suggested it and she really...

Photo of Kaia Mills-Lee
Kaia Mills-Lee, Reporter

Kaia Mills-Lee is a freshman at CHS and this is her first year on the Globe. Kaia joined the Globe staff because she hopes to improve her journalism skills. She also wishes to...

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