Justin Atkinson, ’13

Event Planner


Photo from Atkinson

Justin Atkinson, Class of 2013, is an event planner at the Moonrise Hotel on the Delmar Loop in St. Louis.

Justin Atkinson, Class of 2013, carried many of the lessons he learned at CHS with him into college at Western Kentucky University and has kept them close since.

Atkinson began his journey in the District at Ralph M. Captain Elementary. He recalled being at school and seeing CHS’ show choir coming to perform for the elementary school students.

“I remember the day Clayton’s show choir came and danced for us way back in probably 2004. And in 2013 I got to sing and dance at all of Clayton’s elementary schools,” Atkinson said.

During his time at CHS, Atkinson was involved in a variety of both curricular and extracurricular activities, including the swim and dive team, water polo team, orchestra and show choir.

By branching out and pursuing his interests, Atkinson found friends with similar interests and passions. From being in orchestra class, Atkinson learned about working together in groups to create a final product, like playing a piece well. This knowledge could then be applied to college, or any line of work as well.

“You also learn how to be punctual, on time and how significant you are as one part of the whole group and what you can bring to the table,” Atkinson said.

In his senior year at CHS, Atkinson saw all of his hard work and hours of involvement pay off when he won the Lorraine Kelvin Memorial award, the Clayton Key, Service to School and the Al Burr Trump Card award. Atkinson’s most emphasized piece of advice for any Clayton student is to always keep in touch with those you meet.
“Take the time to get to know not only your teachers but your librarians, custodians, lunch cooks and cashiers, and even your administrative staff,” Atkinson said. “You’d be surprised at how those Clayton connections you have will still be very relevant, so always be sure to keep in touch, even though the real world goes pretty fast.”

Now, back in St. Louis, Atkinson is a certified wedding planner and the Banquet Supervisor at the Moonrise Hotel in the Delmar Loop. He continues to pursue activities that fuel his happiness, and always has time to share his many takeaways from CHS to anyone who may listen.