Tracy Einstein, ’09

Health Instructor


Photo from Einstein

Tracy Einstein, Class of 2009, is currently working as a health instructor.

For every ‘no’ there are a million ‘yeses’,” was the mindset Tracy Einstein used when determining her future career path.

When Einstein was asked in high school if she knew what she wanted to do as an adult, an immediate and resounding “no” escaped her lips. Both an athlete and a performer, Einstein managed to juggle her passions throughout all four years at Clayton, yet she still was unsure of a possible career path.

After becoming a teacher of the Alexander Technique, a mindfulness practice intended to encourage good habits, Einstein had no idea what she wanted her profession to be. She decided that she would become a doctor, but only because that was what her past relatives had done. After giving it a little more thought, Einstein realized that she was throwing away her gift of performing.

Reflecting upon her best memories of high school, Einstein remembered getting cast as Tinkerbell in the school’s production of Peter Pan. What interested Einstein most, in her words, was that she, “got to create this whole physical life of the character that did not actually exist in the script.” Without this role, Einstein may have never realized her true gift of performing.

Einstein has found a way to seamlessly incorporate her two passions into her ideal career.

The Alexander Technique has physical, mental and emotional wellness value. Her passions from Clayton dictated her path in life.

More than passion, Clayton taught Einstein to feel comfortable and confident in her higher education at Columbia University.

“I really felt like after Clayton, college was not that hard and I went to an Ivy League School,” Einstein said. Confidence in the classroom is key to unlocking opportunities in life and Einstein took advantage of everything she had.

Clayton merely sparked the interest in Einstein to explore her true passion, Einstein’s brilliance comes from her own ability and drive to achieve. Einstein has now helped so many people and continues to help more each day.

Einstein’s lesson in life: do the things that inspire you and give you joy.