Max Fischolowitz-Roberts, ‘06



Photo from Fischlowitz-Roberts

Max Fischlowitz-Roberts, Class of 2006, is now a high school history teacher.

Max Fischlowitz-Roberts is a 2006 CHS graduate. He is currently a teacher at Newton North High School in Massachusetts. His classes include 10th grade Modern World History, 11th grade U.S. History and a 12th grade elective called Contemporary Conflicts, which is essentially a current events discussion class.

“One of the things I remember most about my time at Clayton was every year having fantastic teachers,” Roberts said. “Even though I didn’t know that [being a teacher] was what I was going to do, they really inspired me and helped shape me into what I have become.”

During his time at Clayton, Roberts was involved in theater, show choir, orchestra and community service club. He starred in plays such as “Sweet Charity,” “Les Miserables” (a highlight) and “Into the Woods.” He remembers participating in student-run musicals all 4 years and directing the student-run orchestra of “Pippin” in his senior year. Roberts played soccer for two days during his freshman year but decided that it wasn’t for him and stuck with clubs that helped people and activities with the arts.

When asked to give advice to current CHS students, Roberts said, “Take a mix of classes and do things outside of class that make you happy.”