Becca Polinsky, ’15

World Language Student


Photo from Polinsky

Becca Polinksy, Class of 2015, is preparing to join the organization “Teach for America.”

From Glenridge, Wydown, and finally Clayton, Becca Polinsky is an avid greyhound alumnus. Currently studying Spanish and International Studies at the University of Michigan, Polinksy still misses her days at Clayton, especially her teachers.

“I was an editor for the Globe, and obviously [Ms. Sucher O’ Grady] had a very personal impact on my life,” said Polinsky. “She just really encouraged growth.”

Ms. Schafer, a Spanish teacher, also had a great impact on Polinsky’s life. In fact, Polinsky credits her entry into the field of Spanish to the mentoring of Schafer.

“I felt like she knew me very personally, she’s like a special companion of mine and has a very special place in my heart,” Polinksy said.

Polinksy not only participated in the Globe but also played tennis and soccer at Clayton, as well as performing for show choir and musical theater. She reminisced about her happy days preparing for performances at Clayton during her senior year:


“Coming out of “Into the Woods” and then into “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, that period of time was just a really fun experience,” Polinsky said.

Now, she’s preparing to join Teach for America, a nonprofit organization that enrolls outstanding teachers in low-income schools to teach for two years. By coincidence, she’ll be teaching in St. Louis.

“After that, I would like to pursue something with international affairs or relations,” said Polinsky.

In a word of advice to current Clayton students, she remarked, “take advantage of the fact that there are so many opportunities and ways to engage in the community.”