Meredith Redick, ’10

Non-Profit Leader


Photo from CLAMO Yearbook

Meredith Redick, Class of 2010, leads a non-profit and a post-graduate fellowship program in Alaska.

Meredith Redick lives in Alaska. From Sitka, she runs a program called the Alaska Fellows Program Redick described as “a post-graduate fellowship program that brings young, talented, people to Alaska and places them in public sector organizations.”

Redick also works for Outer Coast, a non-profit that will be providing affordable higher education to Alaskan natives in the near future.

In addition to running and participating in non-profits, Redick enjoys fishing and boating. However, Redick hadn’t always lived in such a picturesque area.

She attended CHS and was a top student, participating in a variety of activities, such as TEAMS, STARS, Rocketry Club, and the Globe, as well as starring in many of the school’s musical productions. After graduating from Clayton in 2010, she attended Yale with the recommendation of one of her beloved English teachers, Rebecca Taylor.

She graduated with degrees in biochemistry and English, then moved to Chicago to teach. She became interested in education largely because of the teachers that she had at Clayton. She taught at a multilingual school before moving to Sitka to work at and eventually run the Alaska Fellows Program.

Redick had no clue that she would end up where she is now, but her love of educating others drove her all the way across the country—and she doesn’t regret a thing.