Andy Rochman, ’64



Photo from CLAMO Yearbook

Andy Rochman, Class of 1964, is retired and currently lives in St. Louis.

After graduation from CHS in 1964, Andy Rochman attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut for two years, then moved back to St. Louis and graduated from SLU with a master’s degree in mathematics.

During his time at CHS, Rochman excelled in bookkeeping, accounting and mathematics. However, he didn’t enjoy his language-related classes, especially English. “I wasn’t a very good reader or writer,” Rochman said. “I detested reading and writing, and when I got out of Clayton High, I could barely write a sentence.”

Rochman first worked at General American Life Insurance, then quit the job after seven years.

“I didn’t feel that I had the right personality,” Rochman said. “[They needed] somebody who was a little more reserved, somebody who stayed within the lines.”

Rochman moved on to work for Tillinghast Nelson & Warren consulting firm. During his first few years working for the company, he enjoyed it greatly.

“We had about 115 employees in eight offices… It was very comfortable,” Rochman said.

However, the more successful the company got, the less he enjoyed working for it.

“[They started telling] the clients what they needed rather than listening to the clients for what they wanted… They were good at what they did, it just wasn’t the way I wanted to work,” Rochman said. He left soon after. “Everyone told me I was crazy for walking away from a good job.”

This proved to be anything but a crazy decision. Up until his retirement, Rochman worked as a pension actuary, where he designed and administered pension plans. Since his retirement, he has received a check every month.

Andy Rochman now lives comfortably and retired in St. Louis, the city he grew up in and has lived in his whole life. “I exercise every day, I go walking with friends, I’ve got a dog I take to the dog park, I do some writing, I do some reading… [and] I go out to lunch with people,” Rochman said.

He has proven that happiness isn’t only found in being number one, but can also be found in staying true to yourself.