Sarah Widder, ’16



Photo from Widder

Sarah Widder, Class of 2016, is currently studying as an undergraduate at Yale.

Sarah Widder can be described as having an eclectic personality, to say the least. Participating in various clubs ranging from playing the guitar in the Buskers Club to tutoring fellow classmates through Helping Hounds, Widder was deeply involved in her high school career.

Widder, like many students at Clayton, was very serious about her education and often had her GPA in mind. She said that Clayton pushed her to strive for her best, but it also taught her to know her limits. She values the skills that Clayton taught her, such as good study habits and time management.

Her teachers reflect similar sentiments. Both her physics teacher, Mr. Rice, and her chemistry teacher, Mr. Peck, have high praise for her conduct in and out of class.

“Sarah Widder was that unique student who was able to work at the very highest academic level and to participate in diverse activities outside of school while maintaining a relaxed and positive attitude every day,” Rice said. “She was a powerful student who was fun to have in class.”

“If I was given the opportunity to make an AP Chemistry Hall of Fame, Sarah Widder would be a unanimous first round pick,” Peck said. “Everything Sarah did, both in and outside of class, was stellar. Besides being a shining academic star, she was a person that seemed to enjoy every aspect of life.”

Widder said that despite Clayton’s pressure to take many AP classes and join hundreds of clubs, this doesn’t always lead to success.

“You don’t have to be involved in a bunch of clubs or take all-honors classes to be successful,” Widder said. “Just find what you’re passionate about and spend your time doing that. Keep an eye on the bigger picture—all the little things that seem so stressful and world-ending right now won’t really matter in the long run.”

Widder is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Yale University and is currently interested in research regarding the connections between cognitive science, computer science, and linguistics.