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FEATURED PHOTOS: Oklahoma City Robotics Competition

March 16, 2019

On Wednesday, Mar. 6, around 40 CHS students boarded a charter bus headed to Oklahoma City for their first FIRST robotics competition of the year. FIRST club members built a robot over a span of six weeks, and now has the opportunity to drive it to compete in a game against schools across the nation. At Oklahoma City, the Clayton team members (Robohounds) were joined by 60 other schools and made it past qualification rounds, but were ultimately eliminated in quarterfinals. They compete again at the St. Louis regional, and, as of Mar. 15, they are undefeated with a 7-0-0 record and the 5th ranked team out of nearly 50.

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  • The Robohounds' robot climbs to the second level of the "HAB" platform, an action which earns them extra points at the end of a match.

  • The Robohounds carry their bot towards the competition field before a match in Oklahoma City. From left to right: junior Max Walter-Morrissey, sophomore Olivia Zindel, engineering teacher Stephen Beauchamp.

  • Team members in the pit crew make adjustments to their robot between matches at the Oklahoma City regional competition. From left to right: freshman Itai Benshahar, junior Max Walter-Morrissey, senior and programming lead Nicholas Newman, senior and mechanical team lead Jacob LaGesse, sophomore Robert Rosas (behind LaGesse), sophomore Olivia Zindel, junior and mechanical team lead Robby Archiderra, CHS engineering teacher Stephen Beauchamp.

  • CHS engineering teacher Stephen Beauchamp helps a team member lift the robot onto the cart before queuing for a match.

  • The Robohounds' bot attempts a level 2 climb at the end of a match. The team struggled early in the competition with performing this climb, but minor adjustments to the code have helped the team perform better at the St. Louis regional.

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