Gutchewsky Awarded MJEA 2019 Administrator of the Year

On Tuesday, April 23rd, CHS Principal Dan Gutchewsky was called to the Globe office for an interview. But rather than questions, he received joyous applause from the entire Globe staff, along with an award. Two representatives from the Missouri Journalism Education Association officially named Gutchewsky the Administrator of the Year.

He was taken by surprise, but was quick to stand up and deliver an impromptu speech for the MJEA reps and the Globe staff. He discussed his gratitude for receiving the award, and mentioned his approval of all the Globe’s work, stretching from the more fun pieces to the articles tackling serious issues in the school and elsewhere. Gutchewsky told the staff they did not know just how much the award meant to him.

This surprise delivery of the award was organized by Globe leader Mrs. Sucher-O’Grady. She also submitted a letter of support to the MJEA, in hopes of getting Gutchewsky nominated for the well-earned award. “I have had the honor to work with Dr. Gutchewsky for the last seven school years and in that time I have found him to be an ally to the Globe as well as a dedicated supporter of all student media at the high school,” she writes.

Additionally, Mrs. Sucher-O’Grady addressed his vocal support and presence during controversial times in the Globe. “This school year our publication was under fire from members of our athletic department after we published a cover story considering why do we, as a nation and school, still participate in football considering the medical risks. Dr. Gutchewsky had our students’ backs at every turn.”

Gutchewsky paid a visit to the Globe room during this time to apologize on behalf of the athletic personnel, and he shared helpful insights into the situations, making his attitude for growth and improvement clear.

In addition to supporting the Globe, Dr. Gutchewsky also supports all students in their desire for freedom of expression. From the March for Our Lives, to Black Lives Matter, to Westboro Baptist Church counter-protests, Dr. Gutchewsky ensures that Clayton High School students have the freedom and the platform to have a voice on such important issues facing our nation.