Babes & Boos

A few kids from Clayton’s Family Center preschool were interviewed early October and asked their thoughts about the upcoming holiday

October 31, 2019

What do you know about Halloween?

“It’s all about candy and uh, costumes. There’s a song I know, like spooky scary skeletons la la la la la… yeah that’s all I know.” -James

“Trick-or-treating? Hmm… going to another house to trick-or-treat. We ring the doorbell. A light is only when we come in, no electricity – we don’t come in. If somebody’s busy with the light on, we gotta find another house.” -William

“I know that you can wear costumes… get candy!” -Maya

“You walk down the streets at night time.” -Eliza

“We’re making haunted houses over there.” -Jack

“It’s for people to dress up and go outside. They go trick-or-treating and get candy, you gotta um, knock at the door and they give you candy. Everybody dresses up in the whole wide world too.” -Theo

A light is only when we come in, no electricity – we don’t come in. ”

— William

What scares you on Halloween?

“A skeleton.” -Maria

“Monsters and bloody murders!” -Sawyer

“Uh, skeletons.” -Jad

“I have ghosts at my house, pretend ones” -Eliza

“Ghosts!” -Dylan


What are you going to be for Halloween?

“Jojo Siwa.” -Maria

“I’m going to be a T-Rex,  but I’m going to ride on it and it can follow me around Halloween.” -James

“A superhero.” -Sawyer

“A dog.” -Jad

“A kangaroo. I mean it’s really fun!” -William

“I’m gonna be… Rapunzel! It’s beautiful!” -Lola

“A fireman. I’ll use all my fire clothes.” -Henry

“Sleeping Beauty.” -Maya

“I’m gonna be Owlette!” -Eliza

“I’m gonna be Optimus Prime.” -Jack

“I’m gonna be a reindeer, and Leo’s gonna be a hedgehog!” -Olivia

“Ariel.” -Ainsley

“A bat?” -Dylan

“A snake catcher!” -Theo


Is there any age too old for Halloween?

“5. I passed through a lot of Halloweens and just some of them wanted to do Halloween.” -Henry

“100.” -Maya

“Like, high school kids can go trick-or-treating too. 16 year olds cannot do it ‘cause they are too old ‘cause they can leave maybe and ring the doorbell on accident and that might make the dogs bark.” -Theo

“Mommy and Daddy didn’t be a Halloween!” -Olivia

“Last year my dad dressed up for a joker, my mom dressed up for a cat.” -Ainsley

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