Animation: Missing Opportunity.

More and more animated movies come out each year and as kids become teens and start to outgrow these “kids movies” it is time to say that mabey these movies are not so good. As long as I can rember I have been watching Disney and Pixar movies and now as I enter high school I am slowly growing out of these Movies. Not because they are animated but because they are lacking. They are lacking in the story and the creative use of this art form. 

There are movies that use this art form and style that make me think what if the money that was put into movies like Avengers was put into the animation. Spiderman Far from home cost 160 million dollars to make while Spiderman into the spider-verse an animated movie cost 90 million. Animation has been portrayed as a format for kids but thinks for a bit of the potential animation has. You don’t need 300 million dollars to make a space movie. You don’t need a huge set or expensive film crew. You don’t need CGI or special effects. A new Netflix show called Love Death and Robots perfectly incapsulates these ideas. Animation is unique among the shorts. The stories are creative and spectacular. And the themes are not watered down they are real.  When watching it I was blown away about how far animation could be pushed with the right crew. If you are still on the edge I urge you to go and watch some of these shorts. I am not saying that everything has to be animated. Animation still has restraints but it should still be taken more seriously. Animation is a unique art form that differs from every other film medium. And now as technology progresses we are starting to see animation shorts not from Disney but from people with a computer in their basement. If a single person can make a film that captures emotion and imagination then what can Disney do? I can’t wait to find out.