Corona Columns: Issue #3

Writer Sahi Gokaraju writes about learning new things and embracing the old in the latest issue of the corona columns.


Ella Cuneo

Picture of Globe writer, Sahi Gokaraju. Art done by Ella Cuneo

On normal Monday mornings I usually am already out the door before the clock strikes 7:30. I rush to school looking over flashcards for my upcoming chemistry test or reading over my comp before I have to turn it in that day.
My sister, a five-year-old, who I am spending 24 hours a day with, wanted to try something new. Last Monday I took her biking. It was her first time and she was tremendously giddy as I carried her bike outside. I took her around the block and she absolutely mastered biking in her tiny animated mind. Her confidence was sky-high as she perfectly made 3/4 of the ride without needing my help.
The thing is, she hasn’t really gotten the hang of the breaks yet.
As she started at the top of the hill she was so excited, she started pedaling faster. At home whenever she wanted to stop she could just take her feet off the pedal and stop by putting them on the ground. This doesn’t exactly work when you’re going downhill though.
She started freaking out and crying because she couldn’t see me pulling her bike back to resist the momentum. However, at the end of the hill, she realized that it was pretty fun and that she wanted to go again.

Always try to find the silver linings

— Sahi Gokaraju

It’s okay to try something new, especially in these times. It’s also okay to revisit something old. I had my first online dance class this past Sunday with my over 70-year-old teacher. I tried to make pasta for the first time by myself. I painted after not painting for years.
Even if you are stressed out, there are so many little things you can try or do. Do the things that you said you don’t have the time for before now because we obviously have the time. Don’t think negatively even though it is extremely easy to, always try to find the silver linings.