Corona Column: Issue #9

Elaine Yoo writes about having more time to share with others in the latest issue of the Corona Columns

Reporter Elaine Yoo writes about having more time. Art by Ella Cuneo

Ella Cuneo

Reporter Elaine Yoo writes about having more time. Art by Ella Cuneo

During the first three quarters of the school year, my friends and I were faced with a common high school problem: Not. Enough. Time. There wasn’t enough time to read that book your friends have been recommending, there wasn’t enough time to follow that goal you put on your new year’s resolution, there wasn’t enough time to follow your hobbies and passions.

How ironic is it that now, almost all students now have an overabundance of time. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’ve had time to make edible cookie dough, go on walks (maintaining proper social distance, of course), and watch that Oscar-winning movie with my family that we kept putting off watching. I had never even considered doing any of these things during the school year

Since everyone is stuck at home, more people are motivated to connect online and video call each other than ever. I have been able to call my relatives, chat with my cousins, or set up online meetings with friends. People have enough time to just talk, and make conversation.

There is enough time for my family to set up a Zoom meeting with my grandparents and warn them to wear masks outside, even though there aren’t as many coronavirus cases where they live, even though they’re worried about the weird looks they would get, wearing masks in public.

There is enough time to try to support those working in the medical field, or just avoid hoarding toilet paper or masks.

Students are now presented with the time needed to complete tasks, do hobbies, or just talk with relatives and friends that they were unable to during the school year. We can all take advantage of the surplus of time given to us to brighten our days, as well as the days of those close to us, even if we must all remain separate in our own homes.