May 4, 2020


Psych!, a mobile game created by Ellen Degeneres, is another excellent way to interact with friends during the quarantine. Users download the mobile app (accessible on google and android phones), which is free on the app store (but includes several in-app purchases), and immediately can play one of the many game modes available. Players choose a “deck”, select the create a game option, and then share the entry code with their friends to play. Then the game works similarly to Fibbage, where players are given a prompt and must input an answer to attempt to fool or impress their friends.

Our favorite game mode (which also happens to be free) is “And The Truth Comes Out.” This mode is based on the players in the game and asks prompts related to them. For example “if John won an award, it would be for -” or “If Jane taught a college-level class, it would be -.” This makes for an enjoyable game where players can make jokes to and about their friends and can relate to the questions. It is better than in other modes where the prompts are more general and trivia based.

Another game mode that we enjoy is “It Was A Dark And Stormy Night,” in which players are given a book title and are asked to write what they think the first line would be. Although an entertaining game mode, this is one of the modes one must purchase to play after the free game trial. This deck costs $0.99 to play more than once.
Overall Psych! is a great way to pass the time in quarantine with friends, but the in-app purchases and multiple add pop-ups tend to be annoying and make the app less favorable for long term gameplay.

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