Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen as Hubie and Violet in Hubie Halloween (Photo from IMDb) (Netflix)
Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen as Hubie and Violet in Hubie Halloween (Photo from IMDb)


Hubie Halloween

The Globe reviews new Halloween movie: Hubie Halloween

November 2, 2020

Although just recently released on October 7th, Netflix Original Hubie Halloween has already achieved great success on Netflix. As of October 18th, the American comedy/horror film was listed as “#2” in the top ten trending chart on Netflix. With characters played by well-known actors and actresses such as Adam Sandler (as Hubie), Noah Schnapp, Peyton List, Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, and more, the movie targets a wide variety of ages and audiences.

Hubie Halloween is set in Salem, Massachusetts and follows community volunteer, Hubie Debois, on his mission to protect the townspeople on Halloween night. People mysteriously begin to go missing and it’s Hubie’s job to uncover what is going on. Hubie is often the target of constant pranks and ridicule by everyone in the town of Salem. No one ever believes his warnings or takes him seriously, not even the sheriff. He’s deemed as a loser by everyone in town, except for one woman, Violet Valentine. Of course there is never any doubt that Hubie will save the day, get the girl, and become a hero despite being an underdog (it is a Sandler movie after all).

While watching, viewers can expect to see a new famous actor or actress in almost every scene. Many current/former SNL actors were also used in Hubie Halloween as well as Disney child actors including Peyton List, Paris Berelc, Bradley Steven Perry, China AnneMcClain, and Karan Brar. Karan Brar plays Mike Mundi, a highschool mean kid who likes to cause trouble. Initially, Cameron Boyce was supposed to play Mike, but unexpectedly passed away in July of 2019. When Cameron passed, his best friend and former co-star Karan Brar took his part in Hubie Halloween. The two became extremely close friends when they played brothers on the Disney television show, Jessie. The whole movie is in memory of Cameron, a talented actor who was lost too soon.

Hidden behind the classic comedic moments which never fail to exist in an Adam Sandler movie, a heartwarming message shines through. Although his gullibility and lack of intelligence are what one may describe Hubie’s character as while watching, to his core, he is a loving character with a true desire to keep his town safe. Aside from the fact that he is constantly dodging eggs being thrown at him, falling for pranks, and being name-called by both the kids and adults of Salem, Hubie continues to do everything in his power to keep his community out of danger. After watching the movie, viewers should walk away with a message of kindness, standing up for others, and the importance of self-love.

Although Hubie Halloween had a star studded cast, the movie as a whole was fairly mediocre. Most likely done for a comedic effect, Sandler portrayed his character Hubie as having a very slurred voice. However, over the course of the move, this became a bit annoying and at times difficult to understand. Hubie was also portrayed as incredibly stupid and oblivious of his neighbors hatred for him. This led to several idiodic bathroom jokes and other attempts at comedy that were overall a miss. However, Hubie Halloween did have many jokes that warranted a chuckle and did not cause an automatic eye roll. Also, it was very pleasing to see several familiar faces of all ages and film backgrounds pop up throughout the movie. Netflix did a great job of filming this movie and ensuring the filming location of Massachusetts radiated a spooky autumn vibe.

Overall, Hubie Halloween was filled with hit or miss jokes and annoying moments ranging from Sandler’s voice to the confusing plot. However, the movie was entertaining to watch and is a great way to celebrate Halloween for those who don’t enjoy scary movies. We recommend this movie because it did have some funny moments and it is filled with a heartwarming love yourself message we all need to hear during this time. Happy Halloween!

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