Vaccine Passports

Vaccine Passports
Across the country the topic of vaccine passports has become a controversial one. Although this may be the next level to stopping the spread of COVID 19 many people believe that this may also be infringing on our freedom as we become even more so under the government’s control.
A vaccine passport is a form of certification saying that a person has been vaccinated against COVID 19. This then allows them to travel abroad more freely and could bypass restrictions like testing negative or quarantining when arrival. Additionally, these passwords can be used domestically to allow access to certain private businesses events or activities. The purpose of these passports is to allow already vaccinated people to go back to their “normal” life before COVID 19.
With Summer coming up and 46% of vaccinated Americans wanting to travel the issue of vaccine passports has become prominent in American society. While many Americans are skeptical of this way of travel it is not a new idea.
Many countries in Africa and South America have fallen victim to the mosquito driven disease known as yellow fever. Because of this in many countries such as Guyana and Brazil Travelers are required to receive a vaccination before entering the country. The only difference is this would be the first time a vaccination is affecting American Travelers.
Several countries have already begun to use the idea of a COVID 19 vaccine passport. Israel has green passes which allows for Less restricted International movement and access to facilities for their vaccinated citizens. China has begun using digital passports allowing vaccinated citizens to travel internationally. And many countries allow proof of vaccinated citizens to travel without certain restrictions such as testing or quarantining. However, there has been no country that has announced that they will only allow vaccinated travelers to come. Not only has this been helping stop the spread between countries but also ensures safety for these governments’ own citizens.
For those who wish to travel domestically there is no State besides Hawaii who requires a recent negative COVID 19 test.
As of now the Biden Administration has made it clear that the issue of vaccine passports would not be up to the federal government. There will be no vaccination data at the federal level or domestic requirement, the government is leaving it up to the private sectors. Nonetheless, A vaccine passport may be required in the future for international travels. Currently the U.S. requires all passengers entering to have proof of a negative COVID 19 test, there is a possibility this could be bypassed with a vaccine passport. The CDC released a guideline declaring that fully vaccinated citizens can resume vacation travel internationally as long as they handle precautions responsibly. The government has already made steps on working with other parties to coordinate international vaccine passports.
Domestically proof of vaccination has already been required to enter certain facilities in the US including military bases and other Federal buildings. Many companies and institutions have announced vaccine requirements for employees, students and staff. upon getting a vaccine each individual is given a “vaccination report card.” So far this has been the proof of vaccinations, however, these cards have been falsified leading to the need for high security measures.