Drunk Driving in the NFL


Every time Henry Ruggs III scores a touchdown he holds up three fingers to pay homage to his friend Roderick Scott, who died five years ago in a single-car accident.  Scott was Henry’s best friend and idol, for a while after Scott died Henry was too scared to even drive in the car.  Right when Henry seemed to be getting back to his old self, he was involved in a near head-on collision with an eighteen-wheeler.  Most would never think that Henry Ruggs III would recklessly drive under the influence, in the early hours of November second, Ruggs killed Tina Tintor and her Golden Retriever while driving 156 mph.  this could be a lesson and help many young people growing up to understand the importance and impacts of alcohol and driving. Also on the 14th of November, three teenagers Cole Anello(16) Rhegan Sajben(15), and Jacob Keifer(15) were involved in a fiery car crash. All of them died and 2 more were injured. Marquette High school and the Rockwood school district became immediately involved. On Tuesday, Nov. 16th Marquette hosted a memorial for those kids to pay respects, over 1000 joined. This proves how driving under the influence affects not only NFL players but teenagers in our st Louis community and everyone around the world.

The National Football League Players Association has heavily invested in helping get players out of these exact situations.  There are multiple stories of these athletes ignoring the help of the NFLPA and it brings up the question, why do people decide to ignore help during these kinds of situations?  With there being multiple different taxi services that you can use to easily get out of these kinds of situations, athletes and celebrities are attempting to spread the word and try to influence others to make the right decision when it comes to them being intoxicated.