How does the election affect High School Students?

 The midterm election that took place in November of 2022 caused some major changes in Missouri and the country. This change takes place in many ways, both through new laws and social means. Most students at CHS cannot participate in elections yet its results still are immensely impactful towards them. This story is answering the question of ‘How exactly does the election affect Highschoolers?’. 

About the election

The midterm election happened on November 8th 2022. Midterm elections take place halfway between presidential elections. Midterm elections are very important, they are concentrated on the two chambers of congress (the Senate and the House of Representatives). Members of the house of representatives are elected for two-year terms, that means all of the 435 seats are ruled with midterms. Senators are elected in six-year terms, so a third of the seats are voted for. 

This is important because the people elected make a big impact on the government as a whole. “Whoever controls the House or the Senate controls the agenda,” said Gary Nordlinger, a professor of politics at George Washington University, when interviewed by Mark Trainer, a writer for Share America

Legalization of marijuana 

A lot of significant changes in policy occurred from the election. 

One in particular that is one of the most impactful to Highschoolers is the legalization of the recreational use of Marijuana. Voters in Missouri and Maryland voted to legalize marijuana, though it is still against the law on a federal level. This is opening up the use of marijuana for more than 12 million Americans which is causing some controversy, considering it passed with 53% support. This is impacting Highschoolers particularly because its loosening laws and making it easier for people under 21 years of age to get marijuana, which will then increase the usage tremendously.

Future elections and democracy

The future of the U.S. Government is greatly impacted by these elections and plays a big role in what democracy is going to look like in the future. 

Things like abortion and climate change where addressed in the election. There are some other mentionable outcomes as well, like ‘the changing of parties, the future of Trump, and a new era in democratic power.’ (The New Yorker)

These outcomes affect Highschoolers because this is essentially shaping the government into what it’s going to look like and the road it’s going to be traveling on when the younger generations take hold of the government.  


Social effect

The election can also impact Highschoolers socially. 

Sophomore, Parker Anderson says this,

“I think it has caused a lot of division and controversy across the school and not just only in school but outside of school on social media.”

The election can also cause division from people’s opinions. This can lead to arguments and dysfunctional societies. 


Overall effect on Highschoolers

In all, the answer to the question, ‘How does the election affect Highschoolers?’ is through the changing of laws which impacts daily life, through the growth/change in democracy, which will impact how the government looks in the future, and social means.