Matilda the Musical the Movie


Helen Maybanks

A scene from the Broadway Matilda Musical from Creative Commons License

I give Matilda the musical the movie a 5 out of 5.

You may think that this movie would be a normal happy kids movie, but there were actually lots of deep ideas and sad emotions throughout the movie. The acting was enthralling, especially Alisha Weir who played the lead role Matilda. The cast was very diverse and inclusive with many other great actors who gave captivating performances.

The sound track was really funny and extremely catchy, the songs were what one would expect but the dance number and emotion that the actors portrayed were next level. They brought the songs to a whole new level.

The costumes had so many bright colors, and sparkles with cute dresses and suits, and the uniforms that the kids were wearing painted a picture of the somber mood of the school and Miss Honey’s bright clothes played a contrasting role to the dark grays and blacks in the school. They were spectacular in the dance parts with eye catching pieces and statement pieces that made the scene more interesting.

The concept was good and lived up to 

Title of Matilda the Musical

the theatrical performances that it was based off of, with lots of parts that were different from the previous movie. It kept me on my toes even though I had seen the other movie before it.

The colors were very bright and the setting was gorgeous with many great interesting backgrounds. I really liked the contrast at different parts of the scenes to portray the different emotions with a plot twist that you would not expect.

Overall the message and main idea was really intriguing and I would definitely watch it while I am babysitting or with my family and friends. If anyone is looking for a good family friendly movie for movie night I would 100% recommend Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical.