A New Start for BSU

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Whether you want to join the Spanish club or community service club, CHS is packed with a variety of organizations that fulfill the needs of its extremely diverse student body.

One of the clubs, formally known as the African American Academic Achievers’ club, or 4A’s, now known as the Black Student Union is starting of the year promoting leadership among students.   History teacher Donna Rogers–Beard, one of the  sponsors of the organization, discussed its new name and rising recognition.

“The purpose of BSU is to provide a place where students may discuss academic success, current events, and other life issues through the African American prospective,” Rogers- Beard said. “It is also meant to promote the positive aspects of the black culture with the larger Clayton community.”

Over the years, BSU has been known for its many traditions. Tradition, Rogers- Beard says, that will be further continued this year, along with the years that may follow.

“Right now, one of our major goals is increasing both our membership and the academic achievements within our membership,” Rogers-Beard said.

She also added how the group plans to continue the annual CHS talent show this year, as well as the rose sale during Valentine’s Day, to help fundraise and support their goals.

Although many of the goals set for BSU are school related, this organization also makes it a priority to emphasize the importance of Black history month here at CHS.

“This year I really want to see us participate in the 100th anniversary of CHS because many people don’t know the role of black presence in both the Clayton community and district,” Rogers-Beard said.

Last year, to celebrate black history month, Rogers- Beard described, BSU brought a dance troop from Coca to perform at an assembly hosted by the school. This was just one of the feature projects that was inspired by the group.

“As a result of the performance, I remember the dancers being very well received,” she said.

While BSU is recognized for its many contributions to CHS, the organization has also left its mark on the Clayton community alone, revealing a secret of their own.

“The Black Student Union, formally known as the 4A’s, is responsible for the school district and city of Clayton erecting a plaque at the site of the Addicts School at Bonome and Hanley,” Rogers- Beard said.

She also added that, in addition, the celebration of this commemoration included a reunion of the alumni of the school, which used to be the colored school in Clayton.

This year, BSU has set its standards higher than ever.

“In place, we currently have a pretty good student leadership selected by a committed group of young people,” Rogers-Beard said.

With the hopes of kicking off the year with a boom, BSU, and its associated members, look forward to seeing what this student-run club can do. Rogers- Beard, along with her other co-sponsors, especially believe BSU will succeed provided that all its members help spread the word.

“It’s a fun, dynamic organization,” Rogers-Beard said, “In fact, most people don’t even know that, even though it’s called the Black Student Union, it is open to all students.”

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