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The student news site of Clayton High School.

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The student news site of Clayton High School.

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The heading of the Nov. 22, 1968 issue of Clamo.

Retrospective: Clamo and Politics in 1968

Caleb Park, Reporter November 3, 2021

The year was 1971, and Congress had recently passed a monumental piece of legislation. This piece of legislation would become the twenty-sixth amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which lowered the minimum...

2 Miles Out

2 Miles Out

Zoe Daniels-Sankey, Reporter October 28, 2021

Getting into your car, walking into a grocery store, and buying food for you and your family is something that many of us take for granted. However for some people and their families, even a simple task...

A vape product exchanges hands.

Substance Addiction at CHS

Avie Mallon, Reporter October 27, 2021

CHS Junior Rebecca Johnson* (names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the students) never wanted to vape or smoke herself, even though all her friends did it. However, being around substance...

Children play in a preschool before COVID-19

Will COVID Impact the Social Development of Babies?

Chloe Wolfe, Reporter October 4, 2021

Earlier this year, Miles Faluda learned he was not the only baby in the world. Miles, born in January of 2020, is nearing his second birthday, yet has only recently met someone his own age for the first...

The welcoming sign to the beginning of the Schlafly Art Fair.

The Schlafly Art Outside Festival

Charlie Meyers, Reporter October 4, 2021

As you step foot into the festival, acoustic guitar and drum beats play in the background, while the smell of the Schlafly brewery fills your nose and the feel of community surrounds you. Rows and rows...

Garment workers sewing t-shirts on the warehouse floor at Los Angeles Apparel on August 4, 2017, in Los Angeles.

TikTok’s Tiny Trends

Ana Mitreva and Isabel Erdmann October 2, 2021

One month it was leopard print, the next, cow, and suddenly you had to be wearing sage green to be dressed in style. Even though trend cycles have existed throughout history, the growing fast fashion industry...

New signs are mounted to display the opening of gender neutral bathrooms.

Bathrooms Break Barriers

Daphne Kraushaar and Dheera Rathikindi September 30, 2021

The average school day for a CHS student is roughly 8 hours. The average amount of water recommended for students this age is 2.5 to 3 liters per day— which translates to 11-13 cups. While not all of...

Putting the Lake in Lake Forest

Alex Cohen, Sports Section Editor September 17, 2021

“I ran outside and saw a lake in front of my house,” said Adam Stanley, Lake Forest resident and Meramec parent. On July 31, 2021, a large water main broke in a homeowner’s front yard, sending millions...

Students walk down the hallway during the COVID-19 pandemic after returning to school

Vaccine Emotions

Kaia Mills-Lee and Kate Freedman June 22, 2021

Katelyn Long After almost a year of not being able to see her students in person or her extended family, CHS teacher, Katelyn Long was elated to find out that she was eligible to receive the COVID-19...

A man with a ski mask is surrounded by police officers at a reopen Illinois rally outside Chicagos Thompson Center, May 16, 2020. As the rally was winding down, he walked around with a banner with an apparent Neo-Nazi sign.

The Rise in Antisemitism

In Uman, Ukraine, a visibly Jewish man was attacked at a supermarket. In Austria, the head of Graz’s Jewish community was attacked with a wooden club. In Delaware, firefighters responded to a fire at...

Ella Cuneo

Productivity Culture: Art and Capitalism Through the Lens of Clayton High School

Ivy Reed, Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2021

Suppose a worker needed to dig a hole,” explained Professor Ian Fillmore, who teaches economics at Washington University in St. Louis. “If he uses just his hands, it will take a long time. But if we...

This year is Dr. Varleys 43rd year of teaching.  He spent the last 29 years teaching in the Clayton School District.

Retiring Clayton Teachers of 2021 – Dr. Paul Varley

Charlie Miller, Page Editor May 6, 2021

“Dr. Varley is all about being a good person and having integrity,” said Jennifer Shenberger, one of Dr. Paul Varley’s coworkers at Wydown Middle School. “He wants to instill that in his students...

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