Video Games and Violence

“Grand Theft Auto,” also known as GTA – is one of the most well known, best reviewed, and most controversial video games ever.

The term “grand theft auto” is a term used to describe the stealing of motor vehicles. And as the title suggests, the entire GTA series is based around players living and experiencing the action-packed lives of vehicle-stealing, drug-dealing criminals in a fictional city. Players must complete missions and successfully commit various crimes in order to earn money, and gain access to better weapons, cars, houses, and more.

Along with the campaign, the game is also an open-world game, meaning players can do anything they want whenever they want.

Especially with the new “GTA V,” players can do almost all activities possible in the real world. Aside from criminal activities such as stealing, running from cops, or drug dealing – players can drive, race, play sports, work a job, shop for clothing and much more.

The GTA series may not be the only realistic and violent video game, but it is unquestionably one of the most well made games ever. This is also the reason why there is so much controversy around the GTA series.

In fact, there is so much controversy around the GTA series that many professional researchers have been involved in conducting surveys and studies to determine whether or not there is a relationship between videogames and violence.

Many of those studies concluded that video games did increase violent behaviors of players in the real world. However, even though violent video games may convince people that real world violence is acceptable, but many studies also show that video games cannot be the cause of violence.

If a player playing a violent video game did not have depression, or any other external reason reason to be violent and harm others, why would video games cause them to do so? To most players, realistic and violent video games are just like all other science fiction or fantasy game.

Another concern with realistic video games is how realistic video games such as GTA feel, because players can sometimes lose track of reality, act violent or commit crimes in the real world. But games such as GTA should not be blamed for real world crimes.

Even though the game graphics look realistic, everything is far from actually being real. Take driving for example. In GTA, driving with joysticks or arrow keys is almost always crazy, with high speeds and crashes being almost unavoidable. In real life however, driving with the steering wheel is much more controlled.

Also, many events or actions are impossible in the real world. Take running from the police for example. In GTA, after getting the attention of the police, players can simply go into their apartment or stay away from police cars and they will no longer be chased. In the real world, after a criminal is recorded and chased, the police would never give up so easily.

Violent video games are not the only influence on violence in society. Some movies also glorify crimes the same way that video games do. Movies even have more influence over society than video games because movies are more widely consumed than video games.

Even though video games are often blamed for real world crimes, but they are just a scapegoat for real world issues.