Age of Adeline Review

Tara Williams, Opinion Section Editor

Close your eyes. Imagine living eternally at the peak of your life, where your body and mind would never deteriorate. Although this may sound glamorous, the life of an immortal is an eternal struggle.


“Age of Adeline” is a beautifully-made film with romantic characters, a dramatic soundtrack, evocative performances, and a romantic and timeless story.


The film regards Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively), a 29 year old woman who lost the ability to age due to a fatal car accident. Adeline’s lack of aging is explained by the narrator in a way that does not make much scientific sense–but the scientific technicalities in the film are ignored by most audience members, who are there for the romance that the film provides.


Every decade, Adeline if forced to level her past “life” so no one becomes suspicious of her youthful appearance–she moves to a different state, changes her alias, and changes her occupation. Adeline’s constant running leaves her with no lasting connections–until she meets the handsome Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman). She begins to “let go” and accept that she needs someone to love her. When she meets Ellis’ parents, she discovers that she has had a history with Ellis’ father William (Harrison Ford).


Although the film had a captivating plot and A-List actors, the film got a bit too saccharine and dry after a while. The actors were good, but I expected there to be a stronger message about mortality in the film.


If one is attending a movie date, or looking for a slower-paced film amongst the many action movies that are playing now, “Age of Adaline” will not disappoint.