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May 17, 2018

With cans of La Croix sparkling water found all across the CHS campus–especially in the Globe’s fridge–the staff decided to debate whether or not it is worth buying the beverage.

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Sean Kim

Pro: La Croix

Sparkling water’s crisp carbonation and satisfying hydration makes it a perfect substitute for sugary sodas and bland water. For people who hate the taste of regular water, sparkling water can prove to be a great alternative.
La Croix has zero calories, no sugar and no sodium. The only ingredients are carbonated water and natural flavor. Many members of the CHS community have developed a taste for this delicious beverage.
“There’s no guilt that comes with it, it’s not like soda, but at the same time, it’s not as boring as water,” said CHS sophomore Lila Taylor. Taylor finds La Croix to be a refreshing and exciting change from regular, tasteless water.
CHS sophomore Grace Snelling drinks La Croix daily and drinks it more often than regular water.
“I like that La Croix is more flavorful than water, yet not sweet, so you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking it,” Snelling explained.
An added appeal to La Croix is its undeniable sophistication. CHS journalism teacher Erin Castellano explained.
“To me, La Croix is like the drink equivalent to Lululemon, where you know it’s kind of a ridiculous highly privileged category of consumer goods, but yet it is so good at the same time that it’s kind of worth it actually.”
In Castellano’s opinion, it is the quality of La Croix that justifies purchasing the product.
CHS sophomore Anna Sturmoski also enjoys the quality and refreshment provided by La Croix.
“I really enjoy that [La Croix] is kind of more refreshing than normal water and sometimes normal water is boring, you wanna jazz it up a little bit. [La Croix] is delightful,” Sturmoski said.
CHS students and staff are not the only members of the community who have acquired a taste for La Croix. CHS parent Julie Taylor expressed her love for the bubbly drink.
“It fuels my day with effervescent deliciousness. The apricot flavor is especially refreshing. It has zero calories, zero sodium and 100 percent happiness,” Taylor said. “Why is this a Pro/Con? Is your next Pro/Con on oxygen? This makes no sense.”
Simply stated, La Croix is elevated water. A plethora of delicious flavors allow consumers to indulge in many varieties of their favorite beverage. La Croix is not just water, it is a flavorful experience.

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Katie Snelling, Page Editor

Katie Snelling is a junior at CHS. This is her third year working for the Globe staff.  Katie joined the Globe to share her passion for writing with the Clayton community. She...

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Sean Kim

Con: La Crap

Simply stated, LaCroix is objectively a horrible product.
First and foremost, LaCroix tastes like runoff from a normal soda factory. It offers just enough essence of flavor to turn a stomach. In the 21st century, the average American has the means to occasionally treat themselves to a soda or juice outside of their normal water consumption. There is no reason to subject themselves to a beverage that tastes like they’re licking the mouth of another person who’s drinking actual fruit juice.
It confounds me that some individuals enjoy guzzling down a can of essentially liquid soda burp. It’s not even egregiously bad on a flavor to flavor basis; each of their products offer nothing palatable. Their “pure” variety tastes like you left ten pennies in a can of normal sparkling water, and the Coconut LaCroix is in essence sunscreen. An even though sparkling water happens to not be my cup of tea, I can still appreciate other carbonated beverages much more than a sad can of LaCroix.
Sophomore Emilio Rosas shared a similar sentiment. “LaCroix has a funny taste,” he said. “I prefer other sparkling water brands without the strange fruit flavors.”
And even disregarding the fact that LaCroix tastes like you Bing searched the term “soda,” its pretentiousness lowers my regard for the beverage even more. La Croix was founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and yet they chose the French-sounding name “La Croix.” Not only is it off-putting that this Cheesehead company chose possibly the most snobbish name possible, I now have people in math class correcting me that La Croix is actually pronounced “La Kwa” and how I should be more conscientious of my French. I also cannot respect a company that insists on calling grapefruit “pamplemousse.”
And to those who rely on La Croix products for hydration, I’m skeptical for your dental health in the future. A study from 2007 found that sparkling waters “demonstrated erosive potential similar to or greater than that of pure orange juice, an established erosive drink.” And while this is probably only a minor concern to the average Joe, the carbonic acid from consistently drinking multiple cans of La Croix everyday leaves me concerned.
Stick with water for the most part please. If you crave carbonation, go for a sparkling water or even just a normal soda from time to time. But I recognize the loyalty of the La Croix fan base, and so I guess I’ll just watch people gulp down another can of “pamplemousse” with a raised eyebrow.

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Richard Cheng, Chief Digital Editor

A senior at CHS, Richard prepares for his fourth and final year on the Globe's staff as the Chief Digital Editor. When he started in freshman year, journalism intrigued him, and...

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    Emma TrombleySep 13, 2018 at 8:49 am

    This was hands down the best review of la croix ever. I completely agree. Thanks for sharing your opinion with me.