Pro: La Croix

Katie Snelling, Page Editor

Sparkling water’s crisp carbonation and satisfying hydration makes it a perfect substitute for sugary sodas and bland water. For people who hate the taste of regular water, sparkling water can prove to be a great alternative.
La Croix has zero calories, no sugar and no sodium. The only ingredients are carbonated water and natural flavor. Many members of the CHS community have developed a taste for this delicious beverage.
“There’s no guilt that comes with it, it’s not like soda, but at the same time, it’s not as boring as water,” said CHS sophomore Lila Taylor. Taylor finds La Croix to be a refreshing and exciting change from regular, tasteless water.
CHS sophomore Grace Snelling drinks La Croix daily and drinks it more often than regular water.
“I like that La Croix is more flavorful than water, yet not sweet, so you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking it,” Snelling explained.
An added appeal to La Croix is its undeniable sophistication. CHS journalism teacher Erin Castellano explained.
“To me, La Croix is like the drink equivalent to Lululemon, where you know it’s kind of a ridiculous highly privileged category of consumer goods, but yet it is so good at the same time that it’s kind of worth it actually.”
In Castellano’s opinion, it is the quality of La Croix that justifies purchasing the product.
CHS sophomore Anna Sturmoski also enjoys the quality and refreshment provided by La Croix.
“I really enjoy that [La Croix] is kind of more refreshing than normal water and sometimes normal water is boring, you wanna jazz it up a little bit. [La Croix] is delightful,” Sturmoski said.
CHS students and staff are not the only members of the community who have acquired a taste for La Croix. CHS parent Julie Taylor expressed her love for the bubbly drink.
“It fuels my day with effervescent deliciousness. The apricot flavor is especially refreshing. It has zero calories, zero sodium and 100 percent happiness,” Taylor said. “Why is this a Pro/Con? Is your next Pro/Con on oxygen? This makes no sense.”
Simply stated, La Croix is elevated water. A plethora of delicious flavors allow consumers to indulge in many varieties of their favorite beverage. La Croix is not just water, it is a flavorful experience.