A New Library Soon Too Come


Whitney Le

The old bookshelves.

On any given day, the library is packed full of visitors. Either paying chess soliciting or studying for an upcoming exam. Currently when you sit down the hard wooden desks. Your back screams in pain searching for relief. And you try to do work but cramped desks restrict you from doing so. As you push half your stuff to the floor you think. I still have 4 years here. 4 years of cramped misery. 4 years of screaming backs. 4 years of An outdated old library. But there is relief.

Once again the library is changing. 

 What has been in the planning stages for many years is just getting started. I spoke with Mrs.DeRinge (the librarian at CHS) to get a feel on what will be happening in the coming years. 

She had this to say,” Our next step is raising the money.” 

They have been planning for the last two years and this is the year where the money will be raised to fund this new renovation but what exactly will be changing? 

“We’re talking about a gut renovation here. All the walls will be gone and the ceiling might be changing”…” all the rolling bookshelves will be gone because we have had trouble with rolling wheelchairs.” This is a big problem. 

What is the point of having books if not everyone can use them. Now how will this affect the students? “You know because it is a school library that is used a lot, we will try to get it done in a school year… maybe when school ends in May and when it starts again in the Fall”. 

That’s a relief if you’ve seen this space during the new Greyhound Time.  It is flooded with students; the last thing you need is construction on top of all that. That’s what we know now but I’m sure things will change in the future. However, whatever the library becomes it will no doubt be a better learning environment then what it is now.