An animated image of the coronavirus up close. (Pixabay)
An animated image of the coronavirus up close.


The Effect of Corona on Restaurants and Small Businesses

Many businesses and restaurants are struggling due to the Corona Pandemic. This has resulted in mass layoffs and unemployment. However there some positive effects on small businesses and restaurants due to the pandemic.

May 7, 2020

A major effect of small businesses and restaurants closing is mass unemployment and job loss. Many small businesses and restaurants are having trouble turning a profit which means they are unable to pay their employees.”

Unemployment, economic downfall, and mass business failure. The Corona virus has directly impacted every aspect of modern day life and has forced populations to adapt and survive through new changes. One of the main economic concerns caused by the virus is the now uncertain faith of local restaurants and small businesses. Due to many states being on temporary lock down many small businesses and restaurants have either been forced to shut down, or close temporarily.

Those that have stayed open are struggling to stay, pay rent and pay their employees due to the lack of customers. While some restaurants have adapted by using Grub hub or curbside pickup in order to turn a profit, this is not a sustainable solution in the long run.

However financial instability is not the only reason for the mass unemployment plaguing our nation. Social distancing and the fear of spreading the virus is also a major factor. Many restaurants and businesses are laying off workers in order to protect them and their families from contracting or spreading the virus. This mass effort to flatten the curve, while necessary and effective, has been a contributing factor to job loss and economic downfall.

Corner 17, a restaurant in the Delmar Loop, has bubble tea and fresh, hand-made noodles.

Despite the significant negative effect of Corona on small businesses there are also a few positives. The virus has brought hygiene and cleanliness to the attention of everyone in the U.S including restaurants and small businesses. More and more restaurants are keeping their establishments sanitized and clean, as well as forcing their employees to wash their hands and wear gloves before making or handling food. Even though many restaurants and small businesses will inevitably fail due to Corona those that survive will be clearer and stronger than ever before.

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