Corona Columns: Issue #7

Reporter Isabella Balmnolker writes about the importance of cherishing memories in this issue of the Corona Columns.


Ella Cuneo

Reporter Isabella Balmnolker writes about the importance of cherishing memories. Art by Ella Cuneo

As I walk down the normal path I usually take to get to school, I feel myself having a That’s So Raven moment. Time stops for a minute and I can reflect on the past. I have been having a lot of those moments lately. It could be anything, after a fight with my dad, a meltdown over geometry homework… anything. Quarantine has made me realize how much I have in life and to be appreciative of the moments I experience every day.
On the last day of school, I was fumbling with my backpack; grabbing folders and binders. I was frantically brushing my hair and hopping into my clothes quickly. Grabbing my sports bag and reaching for the stale bagel on the table; I was practically running out the door by 7:55. On my regular route to school, my feet were pedaling on the hard pavement. The cold windy air bruising my face, leaving my cheeks cold. I was out of breath when I got to school, as I wallowed into first period physics. Just another day at CHS, another boring repetitive day with the same people I have been going to school with for 7 years. Never did I think that I would miss it. But I do.
As I lie in my bed now, I contemplate that day; as if it was a murder case and I was the detective. I had turned on my Spotify to Current Joy’s and munched on my pita chips, remembering life before I was self-isolating. I looked around my room and for a second, I could imagine the memories that were made. The fun times I had with friends and the numerous Tik Toks we made. Staring at my desk, I pondered on all the crying and stress put into my school work. I peer at my soccer bag and the latest sport I picked up; remembering how fun it is to spend time practicing and laughing with friends. Quarantine has made me remember the small things in my life, such as photos.
Turning on my dad’s old work computer, I scroll through millions of photos and videos. My most favorite photo is the karaoke party I had with my friends. We were all huddled together singing to a small iPad, smiling and devouring peanut butter flavored pretzels. Another photo of my Savta Ruthie and me sitting on the bench at the zoo.

Looking at old photos has given me something to look back on and appreciate.

— Isabella Balmnolker

During quarantine, I have been taking many walks around the neighborhood. Hear me out, walking can be very fun! Especially if you pop in some earbuds and listen to music. I have recently downloaded this game called “Zombies! Run!”, where you can pretend that you are in a zombie apocalypse while running. It is quite fun! But be warned, you may need to take precautions and run where there aren’t a lot of people. My friends and I have even begun scheduled Zoom calls and Game Pigeon tournaments. There are so many ways to connect with people during hard times like this. You could say that I have become addicted to Netflix; I found myself watching shows that I never thought I would watch. For example, today I started The Judgement; a Thai show about a girl who was assaulted and the impact of her story in her life. I have been doing my fair share of painting too, just yesterday I painted a thermal photo.
During self-isolation, we are sometimes worried and afraid of the future. The world is at a scary place right now with coronavirus. How I have been dealing with the fear and sadness of the virus, is by holding onto the memories that we have and making sure to connect as much as we can with the people we love. Remember that things happen in life and the best thing we can do is try to adapt to it! Stay safe and self-isolate yourself!