Profile: Teddy Kogos, 15 Minutes of Fame

Teddy Kogos is wearing a bright red graduation cap, with a long white string hanging over his face, partially covering his eye. However, Kogos is not graduating.
Kogos is in fact a freshman, a freshman that has been wearing a different kind of hat to school since Aug. 17.  His extensive collection includes a graduation cap, a chicken hat, a pirate hat and a bird that flaps at the pull of a string.
“It started last year,” Kogos said. “I have always gone to private schools with strict dress codes, but at Wydown I could wear what I wanted to. I started wearing hats and Halloween costumes to school, and instead of getting in trouble, teachers liked it.”
Kogos sits in the quad for lunch with his many friends, who not only accept, but idolize him for who he is.
“Everybody loves Teddy,” freshman John Luong said.
“His costumes are epic,” freshman Lucy Bowe said.
Kogus gets all kinds of reactions from people. He often hears himself being referred as “the kids with the hats,” but he doesn’t mind.
“A guy in the halls came up to me and shook my hand,” Kogus said. “He congratulated me for not caring what I wear. That’s wrong, I wouldn’t wear ripped jeans.”
However, some people have different reactions, particularly insulting ones too.
“Some insults are actually just plain funny,” Kogos said.
“Freak,” joked Bowe.
“Now that’s a first,” laughed Kogos.
But people’s comments can’t stop Kogos.
“I thought this wearing a different hat thing would last two weeks,” Kogos said “It’s now the fifth.”
Kogos didn’t necessarily plan to collect hats.
“I saw them in stores,” Kogos said. “I’d say oh wow, cool hat, and I’d get it.”
Kogos has worn twenty or so hats, but he has more, maybe even a total of thirty hats.  And when he runs out of hats? Maybe bandanas, maybe he’ll get more hats. There’s only one thing Kogos likes more than hats. Costumes.