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Pro Late Start

Dimitri Baldauf and Alex Darmondy

February 3, 2016

On early release Fridays, only one thing is of concern for most students of Clayton High School: where to go for lunch once that final bell rings. Early release days, for students, are generally days that are easy going, with ...

Why Cats are Better than Dogs

Alex Bernard, Editor-in-Chief

May 5, 2015

It is 3 a.m. and a faithful owner’s sleep is interrupted as Biscuit the dog bangs on the bells attached to the front doorknob. Biscuit knows by now that his master will get up and let him out, as he does every other night, ...

Tax Abatement

Tax Abatement

January 27, 2015

Pro: Tax Abatement

Micaela Stoner, Reporter

November 12, 2014

When you drive into the heart of Clayton, during the day, there are bustling store fronts and overcrowded restaurants, but if you drive through at night you wouldn’t realize that you were driving through the same place that...

Pro / Con: Use of Force

September 26, 2014

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